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A N NEER HR Consultancy has established itself as a renowned name in the HR realm by providing wide range of recruitment and selection services to diverse companies. We are able to convert deep understanding of client needs and candidates’ requirements to successful long term employment relations.This continues to be the hallmark of our efficient service.

A N NEER HR Consultancy is an Approved and Recognised Recrudescent consultancy based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We are here to provide professional Human Resources consultingand services to organizations of all sizes. We provide services, resources, and expertise in support of your Company’s unique Human Resource needs.

We are committed to meeting the needs of our clients in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our goal is to offer our clients the option that best suits their needs, be it a short or long-term assignment, or on a project or ad-hoc basis.

Our asset is our highly skilled, well -trained and motivated team of employees to cater each and every recruitment need of our clientele. We have our presence in all the Gulf countries – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait and European countries. Our research effectiveness, innovation, flexibility and professionalism make us a powerful and effective resource for your organization.

We have grown exponentially and have provided hundreds of candidates jobs in the Middle East and across the world in different industrial sectors in different verticals.

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I entered the industry with an ambition to fulfil human resource requirements of organizations worldwide and gradually became proficient at providing quality services to client organizations. I personally believe meeting and exceeding expectations of our client organizations is key to our success.

Considering this I am committed to maximizing client satisfaction through value -added services, which will meet client requirement in the most cost – effective man ner. I also emphasize on constant innovation as this paves the way for future success.

I encourage my employees to come up with innovative ideas and follow new trends in the market as all of this enhance overall productivity.

As a group of people working for organizational goals, my team believes in excellence and settles for nothing less than it. The team members demonstrate strong customer focus through high responsiveness and empathy towards customer needs and objectives. They exhibit consistency between words and deeds and do what is best for the client, thus building mutual trust and respect. We strive to take care of client needs in the most professional manner and simultaneously offer prospective candidate his dream job. We adhere to our morals and values such as personal level client interaction and long – term relationship with the client organization, irrespective of its size and location.

Lastly, I strongly believe in the principle “Let your work speak for itself’.

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Habib Ahmed

Habib Alkhaja

A dream of many ideas coming together, with great passion and an opportunity ceased is how A N NEER HR was born. Our aim at building A N NEER HR is to create an entity independent in all aspects of human resource need.

We have built our divisions to create the perfect utilization of our available resources to support our client needs, which saves great deals of time for the HR department of our clients.

We have been developing our divisions with immense speed and take great interest in the interests of our clients and understanding their needs. We have designed A N NEER HR to be consumer oriented from the beginning. We are developing ourselves to be the one stop solution to every aspect of the HR industry. We have noticed major changes in the market, Every division expansion, and an increase in employee numbers. These changes boost a positive motion to continue to practice and achieve better results for our clients.

A lot has been planned and a lot of it executed, we are a very subtle organization, and we like to create examples from our work, we are more practical than any industry providing our scope of services. We are expanding and will continue to do so; we continue to add new partners to our business, and we continue to improve our division services.

Over the years that we have been in business, I would like to thank the Rulers of U.A.E. for providing world-class infrastructure wherein opportunities were lentiful. Their vision and support have played a vital role in our growth so far and will remain going forward. Finally, I want to thank you for visiting our website. I hope the website has been able to profile our company and we hope our services may be of your interest. I personally always assure you of our best services.



Our company’s Head Office is located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We provide easy access to the best mix of talents through a widespread network of offices and recruiting associates.

With our excellent interviewing facilities, trade test centers, test administering mechanism and qualified and trained stall’, we conduct recruitment drives regularly in these locations. We are well -equipped and have excellent infrastructure to conduct such recruitment campaigns required by our client in any cities within India and any other countries where we have our strategic partners.

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